Eggs, Sausage & Toast (simple weekend breakfast)

One thing I look forward to every weekend is being able to make a delicious, leisurely breakfast. I usually don’t do anything extravagant but I like to love my husband through his stomach. I buy a lot of my food from Costco which usually means at least half of it ends up in the freezer. So this morning I pulled out frozen chicken sausage and made fried eggs, sausage and toast.


Chicken Sausage (frozen or fresh…I like apple chicken sausage best)

Eggs (however many will be eaten)

Any type of bread (sourdough is our favorite, but whatever is your fav)

4 TBS(ish) butter


3 TBS water

I like to start with a fun plate then whip up something I have on hand (kids aren’t the only ones who like fun plates and it’s a fun simply way to add some flare to your meal…especially breakfast).


First: take a small pan and put in water in the pan.

Second:  turn the stove to medium/low heat.

Third: put the sausage in the pan and cover and leave until warmed all the way through.

You can keep it in the pan until the eggs and toast are ready to be plated.

If you like your sausage crispy  then once its heated through, pour out the  water and brown the sausage on each side for a minute or so.


Now…I don’t like to make to toast in the toaster on weekends, instead I like to cook it in a frying pan. The butter soaks into the bread better and for some reason its ahhhh heavenly. If you have a little extra time, this is the way to go)

First: butter one side of the bread (by doing only one side it allows you to keep the dry side on the counter or a plate without making a mess).

Second: put half the remaining butter in the pan and let melt (be careful not to let in burn)

Third: once the butter is hot, crack the eggs but keep them to one side of the pan.

Forth: Now take the bread and put as many pieces as will fit on the other side of the pan unbuttered side down. There should be some butter left in the pan so slide the bread around to soak up any butter.

You’re on the home stretch now…. Simply cook the eggs the way you like (salt the eggs right before you flip them) and keep an eye on the toast and once it’s a golden brown (5ish minutes) flip it to toast the other side.

Plate everything up and enjoy.


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