Weekday Breakfast Sandwich

So… my husband and I have started trying to eat dinner earlier lately because we realized eating a big dinner around 8:30 or 9 then heading to bed is probably not so hot on our health. It’s great eating earlier, we LOVE it… i’m talking like 5:30 early! but that means we wake up in the morning starving. Here is a 10 minute breakfast sandwhich that is healthier than fast food and more exciting than a bowl of cereal. Once you’ve made it a few times…you’ll probably be finished before the coffee is done brewing.

Note: there are a lot of delish variations that could be added to this but this is the least messy option because my husband eats it while on his way to work so this is car friendly. Variations: avocado, tomato….

Servings: this makes one sandwich


2 slicese of any bread (we like sourdough the most)

2 slices or 2 little handfuls of sharp cheddar cheese (anything works well except parmesan)

2 eggs


2 slices of your favorite deli meat (I think ham or canadian bacon work best)

3 TBSish of pesto (optional)

1-2 TBS butter

First: throw your two pieces of bread in the toaster.

Second: get your littlest pan and melt 1 TBS butter over medium heat. If you don’t have a little pan… try to keep the egg about the same size as your bread by ‘shaping’ it with a spatula. Fry your eggs however your enjoy it (easy, over easy, well done BUT if you’re eating this on the go I suggest cooking the yolk all the way through to prevent making a mess). Once you flip the egg for the last time, immediatly sprinkle one small handful (or one slice) of cheese on top of the egg and remove the egg from the pan.

Third: put the meat in the egg pan to heat it up a bit. Once it’s warmed put the meat on top of the eggs and put the last small handful (or slice) directly on the meat.

Forth: at the point the bread should be done toasting and as soon as it comes out spread the pesto on each side (or just butter it a little if you don’t have/like pesto) and put the egg, cheese and meat on the bread and top it off with the second slice of bread.

Note: you don’t have to wait till step 4 to pesto and stack the sandwich, take it out as soon as its done toasting, pesto it, egg (cheese), and meat (cheese) and top it off in that ever order they’re done cooking.

Wrap your sandwich in foil or a paper towel to keep it the neatest possible and you’re out the door. (Don’t forget¬† to turn off the stove).


May 24, 2010. Tags: , . Beverages, Recipes.

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