Sandwich Rolls

You know those little sandwich rolls they serve at graduation receptions, baby showers, 50th wedding anniversaries….? Well there are some days when my craving for them is unquenchable. I had tried to made them a few time but whenever I used round tortillas, not only did they fall apart but it just wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Then one glorious day as I was wondering through Trader Joes, I spied with my little eye something that would change my life forever.


It’s a rectangular flat bread. It’s a smidge sturdier than flour tortillas and the perfect shape to make rolls. Ahhhh, I could finally fulfill my craving for those amazing sandwich rolls. These can be made 1-2 days ahead and kept in the fridge and they are great for picnics.

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Makes: 1 roll    Serves: 2 if eating as a sandwich or 4 if an appetizer.


1 piece of Lavash Flat Bread

2-3 Leaves Romaine Lettuce (just the top half, spine removed)

Salmon Cream Cheese (to taste)

½ Avocado

5 slices of Swiss Cheese (or Jarlsberg cheese)

1 Tomato… de-seeded

3-4 Ham Slices


Step 1: Spread cream cheese on one entire side of the bread.

Step 2: Place the lettuce on top of the cream cheese leaving 3 inches on one side of the bread (By leaving some space at one side, the rolls will hold their shape better).

Step 3: Next fold the cheese slices in half (so they roll well) and put them on the lettuce.

Step 4: Place the tomatoes and avocados on the cheese. (If you are making these a day or 2 in advance, drizzle a little lemon juice on the avocado to keep them from going brown). Make sure you take the seeds out of the tomato or the roll will get soggy. I’ve found that a straw works well to scrape seeds out of a tomato. Click here to see pictures of how to de-seed a tomato.

Step 5: Place the ham on top of everything (still leaving 3 inches at one end).

Step 6: Roll the sandwich slowly and as tight as possible and wrap them in plastic wrap (this helps them hold their shape and not unwrap when you serve them). For best results, let them sit in the fridge for about an hour)

Step 7: Unwrap them from the plastic wrap and cut them in 1.5 inch pieces.

Serve and watch them fly off the plate


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  1. Joan replied:

    Wow, these look awesome. Needed some inspiration and found it here. Can you check why your ‘Printer Friendly Version’ link does not work? I want this in my permanent collection.

    • ninjajohnson replied:

      Joan! Thanks for the comments! I checked the links for the printer friendly version and it seems to be working on my end. Hmmm… if you’re using google chrome or a mac, it might be sending the link straight to your downloads folder. You can search your computer for “sandwich rolls” and it might pop up. I’ll look more into it! Thank you for the heads up!

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