Frozen Banana Bites

Frozen Banana Bites

Have you ever been to Disney Land and bought their chocolate covered frozen bananas? Whenever I go to Disney Land (which quite honestly, isn’t that much), I have a mandatory minimum of 3 chocolate covered bananas, “yes please on the nuts!”.  But seeing as how I don’t live in California, nor do I have buckets of money to go every time a craving hits, I thought I would try to figure out how to make them myself. After making several batches, I found the riper the banana, the sweeter it is when it freezes. I prefer cutting my bananas into chucks before I freeze them that way I can pop one in my mouth every time I walk by the freezer (have I mentioned that the fridge/freezer is right by the garage door? eeek! Good thing they’re healthy).

When I make them I usually cover half in chocolate and leave half plain…that way it’s healthier, and most the time, the plain banana cures my craving. I do a couple different variations…sometimes I put a spoonful of peanut butter in the chocolate and sometimes I dip the bites in nuts, coconut, or toffee bits. For the pictures I just did almonds and coconut.

I realize this blog isn’t exactly kid friendly, probably because my cooking rarely/never needs to cater to kids but Disney Land definitely caters to kids… and Disney Land serves a version of these so by using my deductive reasoning, I would think it should be safe to assume that kids would love these frozen banana bites just as much as you or me.

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1 very ripe banana (or really however many you have)

3 oz chocolate (dark or milk)

1 spoonful of creamy peanut butter (optional)

Optional Toppings:


Toffee pieces



Step 1: Peel banana and cut it into 2 inch pieces.

Step 2: Stick tooth picks into banana pieces.

Step 3: Place banana pieces on a plate (with a piece of parchment paper underneath if you have some on hand) and place in freezer for at least 1 hour.

Step 4: Using a double-boiler (or microwave…on 50% power), melt the chocolate (and the peanut butter if you’re using it) and either dip the frozen pieces into the chocolate or spoon the chocolate over the pieces.

Step 5: Place the banana chunks back in the freezer and once they are frozen (about 30 minutes), you can either serve them immediately or place them in an air tight container where they last for a while. I can’t tell you exactly how long they last because I’ve never gotten that far without eating (or sharing) all of them.

Going overboard: if you are serving them for dessert and you really want to go over the top, serve them around a bowl of yogurt so your guests can dip the pieces in (yogurt dipped, chocolate covered frozen bananas??!!! whoah). For something so delightful it’s hard to fathom that they really aren’t very bad for you.


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  1. jlw replied:

    Finally got a chance to try these last night – the bananas had to get ripe enough. Such a super easy, yummy dessert! It was great to be able to serve and indulge in a sweet course naturally low in both sugar and fat.

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