Strong Jello Shots

Confession: I think Jello shots are awesome! They can be the perfect pizzaz a get-together needs…sometimes. Now, let me get something straight… I do not condone over-drinking nor do my husband and I host parties for people to get trashed at…however I have found that most of the people I make jello shots for, get just as excited when they see them as I get when I make them.

I will be posting a recipe at some point for normal jello shots but these particular ones are especially strong. They taste strong and they are strong SO KNOW YOUR GUESTS. (Probably not the thing to serve at a baby shower. A bridal shower or bachelorette party is a whole other story though…)

If you’re wondering why I went on the hunt for a strong jello shot in the first place, here you go: sometimes I feel like jello shots are too thick and too weak. They can taste so overly sugary and be nearly impossible to get out of the cup…THIS started my search for a less thick and stronger jello shot. My search lead me to this site and boy oh boy I was a happy camper. So here’s how it goes…it you want to know all the science behind everything, check out the site, it’s very informative, but if not… just take my word for it. You don’t actually have to do 2 cups of liquid per 3 oz box, you can actually do almost 3 cups liquid (which cuts down the sugariness of the shot) yet the mixture still gels just fine. And because you’re adding more liquid (more alcohol), the result is a stronger taste.

NOTE: These do take longer to gel up than normal jello and if they sit out for a long time, they will start to un-gel. Also, the alcohol taste is fairly strong SO KNOW YOUR GUESTS! If they’re prone to over-consuming, you might want to try something else because these little suckers can really sneak up on you and the last thing you want is some embarrassed guest throwing up in your favorite basil plant.


1-3oz box any flavor Jello

4 oz (1/2 Cup) Boiling Water

Up to 19 oz of 80-proof alcohol but I recommend using only 16 oz (if you’re using less proof then you must use less alcohol)

25- 3 oz plastic Dixie Cups


Step 1: Bring water to a boil (I usually put more in a pan than 4 oz because it’ll lose a little volume due to steam).

Step 2: Place jello packet in a heat safe bowl (preferably with a spout for easy pouring later) and add boiling water to mixture and whisk THOROUGHLY!

Step 3: Let sit a minute then add the alcohol, continuing to whisk thoroughly to get the gelatin incorporated.

Step 4: Pour into 3 oz plastic Dixie cups.

Step 5: Let sit for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Advice: Get creative with your colors and flavors. If you’re throwing a St. Patty’s day party, use lime flavor (green color)! If you’re doing something for the 4th of July, use red, white, and blue. If you’re throwing a welcome to summer party, then use watermelon flavor and coconut rum or tropical fusion jello with citron vodka!  You get the idea. If you ever need any advice just e-mail or comment me and I’ll brain storm with you.


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  1. dicky yo momz replied:

    i am going to try your recepie right now. If it won’t work, i’m coming to get you, punk!

  2. stephanie replied:

    how can you fix shots after they set but there too stong/?

    • ninjajohnson replied:

      There isn’t a lot you can do after they are set. The only thing I would suggest is make a batch of non-alcoholic jello and pour it on top of the shots. This could be fun because you could do a different and complimentary flavor. If you did a strawberry alcoholic Jell-O shot that is too strong, you could tame it down with a kiwi or lime jello on top. Have fun with it. If you are worried about it being too strong, just make sure you leave room in the cup so you have wiggle room to tame it down.

  3. Internet Guy replied:

    You can just heat the shots ’til they liquefy, water down the unset jelly, and then re-pour them into cups and re-set. Just don’t overheat or you’ll lose some (or all) the alcohol.

    Alternatively, let the shots come to room temperature then dissolve them by pouring over some boiling water. Use only as much water as you wish to dilute by, no more. Then re-pot and set as above.

    • Jelani replied:

      Hi I’ve never tried one nor made it I want to make them for my new years party can you help me on ideas for like 25 people and kinda strong. Thanks

  4. Sharon R. replied:

    Can you use gin for your booze and will it work with all flavors of jello?

  5. Ashley replied:

    Bad Santa party coming up soon and wanted to ask opinions on festive flavors?? Thanks

  6. sam replied:

    im using rum chata which is 27.5 proof(white “jello”) and fireball which is 66 proof(red jello) to make “candy cane” jello shots. im actually going to put them i a tray not individual cups.
    can you help me with the amounts of alcohol to put into each layer? i want it to hold consistency of jello but be as strong as possible.

  7. Laurne replied:

    Looking for an all white Jell-O shot. I was thinking about coconut run or pineapple vodka for the alcohol part. Need help with the rest.

  8. ashley replied:

    I’m having my wedding in September and I am having a country theme my fiance hates jello shots bc the last time he had them they tasted strong But he felt nothing. And I’m having a 100 people how much would I have to use of each product to have enough thanks

  9. Jelani replied:

    Hi My name is Jelani I’ve never tried a jello shot but I’m dying to try them I want to do them for my New Years party any suggestions. I like strong drinks. Someone please help me do the perfect jello shot for about 20-30 people. Thanks

  10. fmengert replied:

    Can someone help me understand how 4oz of water and 16oz of vodka makes 25 3oz jello shots? Seems like 10 2oz jello shots to me. Unless I am missing something?

    • ninjajohnson replied:

      You have to take in to consideration the jell-o flavoring which adds volume.

    • Dayna Price replied:

      The powdered gelatin in a jello packet is only 3 oz, so that’s only 23oz to start with. I’m guessing that when the water molecules bind with the gelatin powder to form a gel structure it expands. Gels are liquids that behave like solids, so it’s kinda like how when water freezes into ice it expands in size.

  11. Marina replied:

    Use a result swilzler stick around the edge before serving to loosen them. Like the little red straws the bartenders use. That’s what we did when I was a bartender

  12. Trecie Flentroy replied:

    I am making some for a “trail ride” however I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the event so I’ll explain….its a huge party in the country out in an open field in the middle of nowhere. You know cowboys and cowgirls dressed in their best attire and ready to have some good old fashioned country fun…can you please help me de ided on some great flavors to make and take

    • ninjajohnson replied:

      Hi Tracie, I’m not familiar with a “Trail Ride” but wow, what a fun idea! I think there are a couple of really fun directions you could go with this. One option might be a twist on Bourbon Iced Tea – use bourbon for the alcohol with peach Jell-O and unsweetened iced tea instead of water. Another option could be a version of an Old Fashioned with Whiskey, Orange Jello, and some bitters with a twist of orange on top.

      Is there an alcohol in particular that you’d like to use? I think your best option is to find out favorite Western cocktail and make a shot based on that. Good luck!

      • Trecie Flentroy replied:

        Omg yes I love the iced tea one and the whiskey ty so Much Jess enjoy your day hun

  13. Diana replied:

    I need an idea for an ugly Christmas sweater party! What flavors should i use!!

    • ninjajohnson replied:

      Hi Diana!

      So fun to do Jello-O shots for an ugly sweater party. The goal would ideally be to have delicious flavors that look a little obnoxious to go with the theme. Doing layers will achieve the obnoxious factor but that will take considerably more time since you need to wait for each layer to set before adding the next layer. I also think garnishes will be your friend to really kick up the holiday feel. You can either coat the rim or add something on top.

      -Cranberry Jell-O & Spiced Rum with obnoxious green sanding sugar around rim or maybe even silver pearl dragees on top. Another garnish option would be Christmas Dots as they’re multi colored and go with the hideous puffs on ugly sweaters.

      -Lime Jell-O & Gin – pomegranate seeds on top for garnish.

      -Candy Cane Jell-O (many stores carry this around the holiday season) & vodka with crushed candy canes around the rim

      -Orange Jell-O (w/ Spiced Rum) on bottom, Cranberry Jell-O (w/ Spiced Rum) on top. Candy Orange Wedge cut and put on side like a lime wedge.

      -Cranberry Jell-O (w/ Vodka) bottom – Lime Jello (w/ Vodka) top. IDEALLY there would be a white stripe in the middle but that’s a boatload of work and time but if you have a ton of time and are willing to put in the effort – maybe a coconut white stripe with vodka. Maybe a Red Vine stocking out of it like a straw.

      Those are just a couple ideas off the top of my head. There are SO many fun things you can do with this theme! Please let me know what you decide to do and post pictures if you can!!!

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