Clothing Swap

Ok…so this blog is called goodies and guests but all of my posts up till this point have been on the “goodies” side of life. Here’s one for the “guests” side of things…

So I don’t know about you, but in my closet, at any given time, I have a bunch of clothes that either no longer fit or that I bought THINKING I would love but in reality I’ve rarely worn.

Well I got to thinking that I should pull all my girl friends together and everyone should get together and bring those unwanted, but still totally wearable clothes and we should swap them because for someone else they might be a perfect match. I requested that all the clothes be freshly washed and unstained and something they thought others might really enjoy.

Here are the steps to make it happen:

Step 1: You, as the host choose a date and time and send out invitations (I did this via Facebook). Let people know the idea and be sure to let them know this isn’t confined to clothes only, they can bring anything they would feel other girls might like. NOTE: if you are inviting some people that are pretty outspoken or like to speak their mind, it might be a good idea to remind people that all the clothes being brought were at one time purchased by someone present and not to comment on clothes that they think are ugly…hey, we’re all girls here and some of us can be a little sensitive. You don’t want anyone walking away with hurt feelings.

Ideas of stuff to bring…
Back Packs


Winter Coats
Band Shirts
Knee High Socks
Halloween Costumes

Step 2: Plan on a few refreshment, whether that’s you providing them all or asking everyone to bring something little. I decided that I would provide watermelon mojitos for everyone, which were a big hit!

Step 3: This is where you have to be creative. On the day of the clothing swap, set up your house in such a way that facilitates a ton of clothes to be viewed in an easy way. I was able to take one of the round bars from my closet and prop it up on a shelving unit so dresses and such could be hung up.  Next I cleared off my dining room table so everyone could put their t-shirts and tank tops on it and shoes underneath. I think it’s important to have some place for clothes to be hung up because it really makes your house feel like a little boutique. I also brought my full length mirror out of my bedroom so people could try things on and know what they looked like. Be sure to put out bags for people to put the clothes they choose to take home in.

Step 4: When everyone arrives at your house, have everyone put their clothes in the designated places. Then have the first hour or so be where everyone chit-chats, eats, looks at and  tries on clothes.

Step 5: After everyone has had a chance to look at things and scope out what they want, count up the number of guests there and get that many little pieces of paper (if there are 12 guests, get 12 pieces of paper) and number each paper 1-whatever and put those pieces in a hat. Have each girl take a number and that will be the order in which girls pick the clothes they want (kind of like a white elephant gift exchange or the NFL draft). Start with #1 and have that girl choose one item, then #2 and so forth. We didn’t allow “stealing” like a white elephant gift exchange and I think it worked best that way (remember…all girls here). Keep going around and around until there are no more clothes left that people want.

To be honest, we only went around the room 3 or 4 times and people got the clothes they really wanted then it was a free-for-all. This worked well in our case and I think you just need to feel it out and see how it goes.

Step 6: It is your responsibility as the host to figure out what to do with the leftover clothes. I found an organization that helps out single mothers and donated it to them but the goodwill is another fine option. I don’t recommend throwing the clothes away because they are perfectly good clothes and someone will really love them. Also, DO NOT…for the sake of everyone else in your house/apartment, put them away in the garage or storage. You’ll deeply regret it if you don’t take care of the clothes the next day or it’ll hang over your head like a bad headache. Also, don’t put them in the trunk of your car and forget about it…you’ll regret that the next time you pick someone up from the airport. If you know that you will forget to do it, delegate someone else at the clothing swap to do it.

This was a huge success when I did it and not only was it a fun time for girls to hang out and talk but also a chance to get some “new” clothes for free. Win-win-win. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or leave a comment.


July 30, 2010. Entertainment.

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  1. drea replied:

    oh my gosh.. look at that pic of everyone! we all look so different! T’s red hair, teeeny weeny linden.. shandas long hair! wowsers!

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