Heading to Europe

Jeff and I will soon begin our newest adventure of trekking across Europe with only our backpacks, and a VERY tentative schedule. Even the packing experience has been scary and exhilarating so I can only imagine what the next month has in store. I have not used this blog in quite some time but I thought I would reinstate the use of it to keep whoever is interested, updated.

The packing process has been quite the trip in itself because I know every item I bring, I will be carrying on me back the entire time. As a typically heavy packer, this is a bit overwhelming. We are putting everything in ziploc bags to keep wrinkles and mess to a minimum…that way if I have a guaranteed wardrobe (backpack?) crisis and pull all (5) t-shirts out, I haven’t made a complete disaster of me neat packing job (a nifty little trick I learned from my months in Africa) . Here’s what I’m bringing:


The places we are going:
June 30th-July 5th: Dublin! We’re visiting some of our very best friends on the planet, Adam and Chelsea Pearson who are living there.
July 5th-10th London
July 10th-12th Amsterdam (don’t even ask)
July 12th-16th Paris
July 16th-19th Prague
July 19th-28 Turkey (Izmir and Istanbul mostly)

I will try to keep this posted as we journey side-by-side in the most fun adventure to date.


June 28, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. jworthen replied:

    Love seeing what packing light for thirty days looks like.

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