Dublin…first thoughts


Wow…so we have arrived in Dublin and are fighting tooth and dagger against jet lag. It’s been amazing here so far and yesterday was more fun than we could have imagined.

I don’t have much time but I’ll give a minor recappity cap of yesterday….
We land after 12 long REAL hours flying (but skipping over 22 time hours) in Dublin at 5am and easily found our way to the AirCoach that would drop us off near Adam and Chelsea.
FIRST THOUGHTS (not saying they’re true…just that they were thoughts): 1) They do everything better in Europe. 2) people living in building older than the US in a bizarre, beautiful and ironic thing.
Anyways…we tell the AirCoach gentleman which stop we wanted off at, paid €8 (each!!!) and climbed on. This is where it gets crazy! Not only did the driver remember which stop every person was getting off at and at the bus stop instead of stating the name of the bus stop he would just tell which passengers needed this stop. Impressive right? So when our stop came, we got off…and then deliberated what to do. You see, Adam and Chelsea were going to be waiting at that stop for us but we had gone through customs and all that much quicker than expected so they weren’t there yet. The freaking bus driver noticed that we were looking a little unsure so he STOPPED THE BUS!!! GOT OFF!!! And asked if we knew where we were going! What?! Who the Frick does that when there’s a bus full of people waiting? Man, America sucks.
We let him know that we were just waiting for friends and he went one step further and asked if we knew their cell number so that we could call them WITH HIS CELL PHONE. Gosh, why are people so rude in the states? So we call Adam, who says he’ll be at our stop in like 10 mins. The bus driver happily takes off, leaving us to pick up our jaw off the delightfully old sidewalk.

I don’t think it was a fluke because listen to this!!

Jeff and I decide to walk to the hotel across the street to see if there is a cafe we could buy a cup of coffee to warm up with (yes, Arizonians, I hate to break it to you…but Dublin gave me a reminder of what it feels like to be COLD…pretty wonderful). We walk into the lobby of this too-nice for our grubby look and gigantic backpacks peaking over our heads and ask the man behind the desk if the hotel had a cafe we could get some coffee at…he says that it doesn’t open till HALF SEVEN (I later found out that means 7:30…not 4:30) but that there’s a cafe down the street. We thank him and leave to sit outside and wait for Adam. THIS IS WHERE THE INTERACTION WOULD HAVE NORMALLY ENDED IN THE STATES (with the subtraction of that confusing half seven bit) ….NOT IN DUBLIN THOUGH. A minute or so later…desk man LEAVES his desk, walks outside to find us, and tells us that if we just wanted coffee that he could do that and we would bring it out to us shortly. WHAT?! We then panic a little because we have no idea what the proper social interaction would be for this unspeakable act of NONcustomer service. We didn’t have much money, do we tip? Were we excepted to pay? Ugh! I hate not knowing what the excepted social interaction is (not that I always follow it but I at least like to know what social rules I’m breaking while I’m doing it). Literally a few minutes later, desk man walks out with a tray! Of coffee, sugar, and cream then refuses to take any money whatsoever for it. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? He knew we weren’t even guests at his hotel.


Here’s us enjoying those very cups of coffee.



So then we meet up with Adam and walk 10 minutes back to their house where Chelsea has coffee and all kinds of delightful pastries waiting for us. Oh man, it’s the greatest thing to see them. The Pearsons are some of our closest and more wonderful friends and it’s sad we don’t get to see each other more often.

After a couple hours, Chelsea takes us on the greatest tour of Dublin. We saw so many great things and we loved that we could catch up with here at the same time. Here are a few things we got to see/do:

First here’s the lunch we ate, a veggie wrap. Simple. Awesome.


Stephen’s Green (Park in Dublin)



Trinity College





Temple Bar




And then other random photos:








Then that night we went out like a true Irishman to the pubs and had such an amazing time!




Bathrooms at the pub…






Yup so that was our first day. More to come in the next 27 days 🙂


July 2, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. JoAnna Worthen replied:

    Thank you, Jessica, for the amazing telling of your first day! What a way to be welcomed!

  2. Ben Hainline replied:

    I love the live blogging! Keep ’em coming 🙂 I’m so glad you guys are having such a good time!

  3. Claire griffin replied:

    Wowww!!! So amazing! Love all the pictures, and your pal is beautiful! I experienced the same love in Italy… So Europe does do it better! They just live a little more slowly…

    Can’t wait to get more blog updates! Be safe!
    Love you guys!

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