Leaving Dublin. Arriving in London. Adventures and the grossest Chinese food known to man.

We are on to London. Today was very low key. We hung at the house and then Chels and I went to a 4 story Forever 21 in Dublin. It was the coolest thing. Made me wish that I packed no clothes so I could buy all their unbelievably stylish clothes. Nothing like in the states.
Once again, America Sucks.
Then we came home, hung out, packed, and mentally prepared for London. You see, jeff and I think we’re really adventurous and all that but we also like our comfort. London will be the most uncomfortable city on our months stay because it is incredibly public (reviews say that women run downs the halls in only the g-strings) and also incredibly central (it is in Piccadilly Circus which apparently, is London’s Times Square). Being introverts, I am VERY curious how we will fare. Nothing about the next days will be private: the rooms sleep 6 (guys and girls), the bathrooms are public, and they say the showers are pretty gross, the noise is unbearable, and the experience is once in a lifetime. I’m pretty excited if I’m going to be perfectly honest and the only thing I’m nervous about is our stuff being safe while we’re out during the day (the website says there are lockers, the reviews say their broken).

Getting to the hostel was quite the adventure…even though we got off the tube (subway) around 11:45pm, Piccadilly Circus was bustling. It felt more like there was an eclipse than almost midnight. So we checked into our hostel…and boy oh boy…it sure is a hostel. We’re probably some of the older people there and everyone seems to be sick with a very contagious “illness” called Travel Bug. We were given our sheets after we checked in and they were “clean” but there were still lots of stains on them which made them seem less clean than they probably are. Our room sleeps 6 but only 4 of us slept there (apparently the 2 Swedish people who are also staying in our room are either on an excursion or kidnapped into the sex slave trade). Maria and the other girl whose name I can’t remember are from Brazil and a pure delight.

So…being hungry Jeff and I decided to scour Piccadilly Circus to see if we could find any restaurant that was open. Much to our surprise it would have been hard to find a place NOT open. In fact at some of the places there was a wait! We settled on a Chinese food place and I can honestly say it was the grossest Chinese food I have ever had. It looked delicious, and smelled unbelievable them WHAM. After a few bites I had a hard time keeping myself from gagging. But oh well, at least it only cost $50.

Off to bed… So excited to see what tomorrow holds.

Anyways, there are few pics from today…maybe there will be more tomorrow.

Trekking to our bus stop to get to the airport:


At the airport:












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