London…Wicked, Walking Tours, and the best Indian food I’ve ever had

Not much time for a long post but London yesterday was fantastic. We went to Wicked, and on the way walking to the show, we passed right by Buckingham Palace which was a bonus! Then we walked around the city lots enjoying the sights and English culture. Next we went on a walking tour which focused mostly on Virginia Wolf but our guide also touched on many literary figures. Fact: while fueling the revolution in Russia by writing propaganda from the British Library, Lenon made money by being a tour guide of London.
We finished the night by eating the best Indian food I have ever had in my life (yes, mom…better than Cedars! which I wouldn’t have thought possible, although they did not have chai or the dipping sauce for the naan)

While our hostel is nuts, we have come to see it as temporary home and we both slept quite well even though the sound of the crazy night streets, jackhammers, and what sounded like garbage trucks ALL NIGHT LONG played as our soundtrack from 11pm- 9am.











July 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. jworthen replied:

    Great Indian food in London! That’s gracious giving back.
    Thanks for posting…it’s a highlight of the day.

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