Amster amster dam dam dam

Jeff and I arrived in Amsterdam last night and my, what an unbelievable city this is. Probably the most beautiful city I will ever go to. Amsterdam was never bombed in the war and rumor has it that’s because it was Hitler’s vacation spot. If that’s so, Hitler is one smart man. There are canals everywhere in this city and bikes on every wall, post, and mail box. And while the smell of pot drifts through the streets and prostitutes rock cars in drive thru enjoyment, one can’t help but ponder the complexities of man.

I think my favorite part thus far are the houses that line the canals. They jostle for a river view and look like cripples who have lost their crutches. Oh the wonder of living in one of those houses!

So, today we will probably go to the Tattoo Museum (the best in the world?) and I really want to go to Corrie Tin Boom’s house and see the actual hiding place!! Or maybe we’ll just roll with a prostitute or roll a joint….jk.

Leaving London


Sights from the plane



First looks at Amsterdam

(this is a block from our hostel)


(the train station we came in through: Centraal)


(this is our hostel)



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