Paris: walking walking and more walking

Paris has been amazing and exhausting. Jeff and I are walking anywhere between 5 and 7 hours a day and coming “home” thoroughly tuckered out. Whoosh.

Day one in Paris, we basically just walked around and saw the city which is most certainly the most magnificent city we have been to yet. Not speaking French is a little daunting but we’ve quickly picked up “Bon jour” “Bon sway” “merci” “du” and “paley vu ongley” (all this is obviously the pheonetic spelling because I clearly do not know how to write in French). This is a city where even the bums speak English although every single person very begrudgingly.

Day two in Paris we desperately needed to do some laundry so we took the first half of the day to tackle that. Jeff had done his research and felt very confident in operating the very-different-from-the-states laundry mat style washers in French but once we got there it was pretty overwhelming. Thankfully there was a delightful although slightly over zealous shop attendant who insisted on rambling the entire time to us in French even though he was well aware we didn’t (really) speak a lick (because really, does repeating MARCI over and over really count for anything). He basicallymdid our laundry for us. Quite the experience. Next we went home and took a nap and that evening we decided to go to a fondue place recommended to us by Josh Toole. First, it was located in Sacre Coure which is, by far, the most delightful suburb of Paris. It’s the Paris you see in the movies. So you walk into this restaurant and the owner takes the hand of the females who come in a beckons them to step up on a chair and step OVER the table to get to the seat in the other side! Not so easy if you’re wearing a dress. Any there are no single tables but rather you are sharing a table with everyone on that side of the restaurant. We had the pleasure of sitting next to a group of London lesbians on one side and a nurse and gynecologist from Boston on the other. It was so so much fun although the Londoners were by far the best company. NOTE never say fanny (even in preference to the pack) to a person from England. It’s basically the “C” word.

Day three we trekked back to city center and saw all the sights again but this time god quite close to the Eiffel Tower and after walking about 7 hours we decided to go home early and watch some Seinfeld. Tomorrow we go to Prague!

The beautiful metro tunnels

Eiffel Tower on the first day

Jess’ Cafe!!

Another amazing cafe in Paris





Cool arc…but but the triumphant one…


Jeff bought the awesome new hat from a street vendor and was in the middle of paying when the took off running because apparently the police were coming. Sweet. Discount hat!


Oh just lounging in a park with the Eiffel tower hanging out in the background

We love the cafes

Eiffel Tower






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